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Ice machine


Model XY-1000A/W
Size 760x830x1750
Input power 2313
Refrigerant R22/404
Ice Model 方块(Diamond)
The Maximum Ice Volume per Day 1000/445
Ice Storage Capacity 440/200
Voltage (V) 220/110
  • Using Japanese expertise,word famaous configuration,the combination of the atsinless steel and ABS plastic for appearance is elegant and esy to clean and wash;
  • High hardness,the freezing point gets minus 20℃ below,crystal and clear,not easy to melt and cooling food quickly;
  • Controlled by microcomputer,fully automated watering,drainage,ice-making and off ice,without hand operation,more safe,and the performance is more reliable;
  • Science nickel and copper evaporator solve the contradiction of the ice production speed and the quality.